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DGA Torrent

in Driver, Torrent

The DGA ProLine Torrent is an overstable high speed distance driver that is controllable at high speeds. Featuring a comfortable wide rim, the Torrent will feel great in anyone’s hand and ensure a proper release. It is DGA’s first speed 14 disc. This disc golf disc is meant for high arm speeds who are looking for reliable and consistent distance. DGA Torrent...

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DGA Tsunami

in Driver, Tsunami

The DGA Tsunami – ProLine is an ultra overstable fairway driver disc golf disc. It was designed for fairway drives that require predictable and accountable fade. The Tsunami is a perfect complement to its understable cousin, the Undertow, and will quickly become your safety blanket once in your bag! Great for both side arm and overhand throwers. The Tsunami is...

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DGA Hurricane

in Driver, Hurricane

The DGA Hurricane – ProLine is a maximum distance driver, stable and great for players of all skill levels. The Hurricane was designed for players looking to add more distance to their driving game. It is the furthest flying and fastest high speed disc in the DGA line up. It offers amazing glide that helps beginners and those with slower arm speeds get some of...

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DGA Hellfire

in Driver, Hellfire

The DGA Hellfire – ProLine is an overstable fairway driver. Tested by power throwers, this disc maintains a consistent hyzer line and will not turn over, making it a reliable choice in windy conditions. Backhand throwers will love the Hellfire’s predictable hyzer lines. Sidearm throwers will trust its stability and will be able to throw accurate flex shots....

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in DGA

DGA is the founding company of disc golf and is established worldwide as one of the leading manufacturer of discs in with different performance focuses and high levels of quality. Each model is specialized and tailored for different styles of play and different course environments. The major disc lines offered by DGA are briefly described below: D-Line –...

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