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Towels are a great way to wipe off any muck or mud from your discs, as well as dry off wet discs ensuring you get your best grip no matter the weather or course conditions! Towels in Stock:  

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Dirt Bags

in Accessories, Dirt Bag, Dry Hands Bag

The dirt bag, a super absorbent dry hands bag, uses a mixture of rocks that when rubbed together creates a dust similar to rosin. This bag is easy to carry at 4.5″ x 3″ and retains drying ability for longer than other similar products. Unlike other products out there, if these happen to get wet, they will dry out and be usable again in future rounds....

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The Sportsack, an elite hand drying product designed for disc golfers,  uses absorbead technology that is absorbs moisture with no mess or residue buildup.  The Sportsack will work in any weather condition, rain or shine. If the Sportsack gets wet, just continue to use it and it will dry itself out.  The Sportsack will provide you the most consistent grip available,...

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License Plates

License Plates

in Accessories, License Plates

Disc golf license plates in the standard 6″ x 12″ size designed for your vehicle. Made from recycled aluminum, these license plates will last. Very popular to use as wall hangers too!  Mounting hardware is not included License Plates Available:...

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